LDAP doesn't work despite the Identity Service Guide

Hello there,

I have the problem that despite the integration via Identity Service Guide and other topics from the forum, the LDAP connection does not work… (org.camunda.bpm.identity.impl.ldap is unfortunately not displayed at all at server startup)
I think I just forgot one thing that I don’t see.

So far:

  1. Added the LDAP Identity Service dependency to the pom

  2. The plugin is implemented as in the mentioned guide with the following adjustments:

  • We use a LDAPs Server
  • acceptUntrustedCertificates set to true
  1. Added the Administrator Authorization Plugin

  2. camunda.bpm.authorization.enabled: true (in application.yaml)

If I read it correctly, the LDAP connection should be up and running by now, right?
Or do I have to create an extra group in the authorization for the connection?
Do I necessarily need the Spring Security Spring Boot Module?

It would be great if someone had an idea to help me :slight_smile: