Link processes by message event

I have two simple processes. I need to trigger event from first one which run second process by message start event. Unfortunately it does not work now. I found how to catch sended message events by Spring boot app, but I don’t know how to connect these two processes.
So is there any solution how to connect these two processes by message event? I need to connect them by some correlationId, because in future there will be more message events between these two processes (from proc1 → proc2 and reverse). Also I need to send and receive variables value from each process.



@JobWorker(type = "secondCamundaEightProcessStart")
    public void secondCamundaEightProcessStartMsg(final JobClient client,final ActivatedJob job, @Variable String reference){"secondCamundaEightProcessStart was invoked in time: {}",;"secondCamundaEightProcessStart reference: {}", reference);