Load user list from BPM server?

Hello everyone,
So I am here with a new question and hope anyone can helpe me once again.

So I have a BPD with some Custom JSFs. In which a user has to do some tasks.
In one task he has to select a user to do the next task.
I got this to work, by making a simple input field, binding it to a variable and then binding that variable to the asignee field in the next user task in the BPD.
The problem is, that the first user has to input the exact username of the next user and that is just not practical.
I was wondering if it would be possible to relace the input field with a dropdown selection field and display all avalible users in the drop down?
Any ideas if that is possible and how?

Thanks in advance!

PS great community and a lot of help avalible. Much appreciated!

Hi @greaneagle,

theoretically you could use identity service to fetch list of usernames and set the array value to variable, which you will display as your input field selection.



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