Logging all decisions using SpringBoot, slf4j and logback is not working

Hi everybody,

we use SpringBoot 2.1.4 all together with an ELK stack. So basically we use slf4j with logback as our logging framework.
We also integrated camunda-engine-dmn like the following:


In a first step I wanted to put the log level for all camunda classes to trace to see what information could be interesting:

      camunda: TRACE

(Explanation: this configuration is in a file called application.yml, the logging for every framework unsing slf4j can normally be configured this way).
Unfortunately I don’t see any detailed logs. only some warning at some point (DMN-01006 Unsupported type ‘local-date’ for clause. Values of this clause will not transform into another type.)
Looking into the code of camunda-engine-dmn didn’t help me neither. On some rare occasions, a class DmnLogger is used…

Can somebody help?

Thanks in advance,