Making several spring boot applications running Camunda communicate with each other


So basically we have two separate Spring boot applications running Camunda. One spring boot application that is only the webapp part of Camunda and in the other spring boot application we have the logic and with the logic I mean the delegate classes that are coupled with service tasks.

Both these applications are connected to the same H2 database which we have setup. This means that we can see where we are in the process both from the webapp as well as the repository with the logic. However when we try to move forward to a service task with the webapp it is not possible because the webapp does not know that the delegate classes exist as they are in the other application.

Is there a way for the Spring boot application that holds the webapp to know the logic of the delegate classes that reside in the other Spring boot application?

We have started to look at something called “Job Executor” but we don’t know if it is the right thing and if so, how to implement it properly.

@simonrisberg you can disable the jobExecutor in spring boot application which has camunda webapps only. So the jobs will be always executed by the other spring boot application which is job executor enabled and having all required delegates and listeners. Otherwise it will throw class not found exception.

@aravindhrs Hi! We actually managed to find out what the problem was. Apparently the .yaml file is very strict when it comes to how the indention should look like!