Manually complete a Call Activity

My Call Activity has started three subprocesses. We found out one sub process has error but the sub process should not have been started - it was just a bug. We cancelled this subprocess. The other two sub processes are fine. Now we want to bring this Call Activity to state “complete”. How do we do that in the cockpit ? Thanks for Feedbacks.

Hello my friend!

From what I understand of your problem, you have an instance with 2 tokens of this same instance running on Camunda, and you want to end the process of this call activity, right?

You can use the process instance modification API to reach the end of the call activity.

Below is a link to the official documentation that explains better how to use it.

I hope this helps!

William Robert Alves

Are you using Community Edition or EE edition? AS @WilliamR.Alves mentioned this can be possible through code.

The same task can be achieved using Camunda Rest API
Link: Camunda Automation Platform 7.21.0-SNAPSHOT REST API

Back to your question, how can be done in Cockpit, this feature is available only in EE.