May I know when will zeebe support ES 7.x?

May I know when will zeebe support ES 7.x?

Our whole production env elasticsearch has been upgrade to 7.x, and es 8.x is comming. However, zeebe still not support even es 7.x.

May I know if this could put on the schedule and push much faster?

any one could have a look about this? :grinning:

:grinning: cloud anyone take a look at this?

Hi @Young200808 :wave:

Zeebe will support ES 7 but unfortunately, I can not promise you a date. It depends mainly on Operate which needs to support the same ES version.

You can track the progress and comment here:

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hi @philipp.ossler @salaboy

I am not using operate… can I use an elasticsearch 7.x version with zeebe…?

Hi @samuel-rego there is an issue already in GitHub for this ( and I’ve answered you there), you can use that to track progress. Unfortunately right now, there are no plans to get this done in this quarter (end of 2020), but we will review that decision early 2021. You can of course create an ES 7.x exporter for your Zeebe Brokers and use ES7 with your custom exporter.