Meet-up Mauritius: Using Camunda to capture your first Pokémon

Any Pokémon fans out there?

Because @yuvrajkeenoo Chapter Leader in Mauritius has organized a session where Mervyn Malinall, senior SW engineer at Mauritius Commercial Bank, will demonstrate hoy Camunda can be used to capture a Pokémon. He will also demo how to use Camunda as a microservice.

Don’t miss out on this hands-on meet-up!

:calendar: December 1
:round_pushpin: Online
:speech_balloon: Language: English

:eye: Tagging some folks in the region in case you are interested @Kennedy_Chengeta @Janhn_za @Daniel_De_Oliviera @schreuder71 @itai_zulu @Siya_Tshaya @AGoliath @Robin_van_den_Heever @Ettery

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