Message correlation with REST API

I have tried to correlate a message over the REST API as a “message start event”.
I have tried to build a request as described in the documentation (Correlate a Message |
and passed the following parameters:
“messageName” : “Message_FromExternal”,
“withoutTenantId”: true

I was hoping to get all matching results by setting “all” to “true” and “withoutTenantId” to “true”, to figure out, if at least one process definition is matching. But I get 0 as result.

I cannot figure out, what I did wrong?

benchmark.bpmn (16.8 KB)


It’s a problem with you’re model - There are some symbols that are not being used correctly.
The main issue is that you’re using an intermediate message event instead of a start event.

Also you can’t start a process from within an embedded sub process.

Hi Niall, thanks for taking a look at my model. You are right, that’s the problem.
Thank you for the hint!


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