Message flow in User task


Use case : Once user click on a user task, need to perform a feasiblity check against a DMN followed by an API call and then let user know if that action can be accepted or rejected.

Please guide me how can we perform this with BPMN.

I am assuming message flow on a user task might help but I haven’t used it before so quite not sure.

Thank you in advance!

@Vidya_Shettar Non-interrupted boundary message event followed by a DMN service task in a synchronous execution pattern will solve this. Alternatively, You can directly call the decision service api to evaluate the inputs and based on the result you can set the context.

DecisionService decisionService = BpmPlatform.getDefaultProcessEngine().getDecisionService();

DmnDecisionTableResult decisionTableResult = decisionService
	.evaluateDecisionTableByKey(decisionDefinitionKey, decisionVariablesMap);