Migration from 7.7 to 7.8


I have download a Full distribution Camunda Wildfly10 7.7.0 and I have developed a process application in an IDE using the maven archetype “org.camunda.bpm.archetype:camunda-archetype-ejb-war:7.7.0”.

Now, I want to use the Full distribution Camunda Wildfly10 7.8.0. I see in the documentation https://docs.camunda.org/manual/latest/update/minor/77-to-78/ instructions but I have the feeling most of them are redundant for me.
For example, the database batch scripts are for the Enterprise edition (I use the Community edition).
The Update Camunda modules for the application server seems useless since all the new modules will be in 7.8 distribution (why to copy the ones from 7.7 if nothing has changed?)
So for me, the basic changes I should make is in the pom.xml file (basically the versions)
But is that enough? Is it okay that my current process application was initiated with the “org.camunda.bpm.archetype:camunda-archetype-ejb-war:7.7.0” archetype? Is this changeable somewhere? I don’t want to create a new process application with the 7.8.0 archetype and copy paste all my code).

Well, of course I need to migrate data from the old db to the new one but let’s say that’s not important for me.

Do I miss something?