MigrationPlan REST-API Pendant for .mapEqualActivities

Hello everyone,

maybe I overlooked something, but is there no pendant in the ‘/migration/execute’ (validate, generate) REST-API for the Java API ‘.mapEqualActivities’?
Can’t find a fitting parameter in the online documentation or at least it is not obvious.

So right now I have to create rather long JSON bodies containing a lot of

"instructions": [
        "sourceActivityIds": ["equalActivityXYZ"],
        "targetActivityIds": ["equalActivityXYZ"],
        "updateEventTrigger": false

instead of just those that have actually changed. This becomes very tedious pretty fast ;-).
I also tested to only specify those that are not equal because the documentation says:

Generates a migration plan for two process definitions. The generated migration plan contains migration instructions which map equal activities between the two process definitions.

hinting at an implicit mapEqualActivities. But doing this results in failing migration validations and executions because I did not map some (equal) activities. When I map those explicitly it works as expected, so it seems there is no implicit mapping allthough the docs indicate it.

Did I miss something?

Edit: just in case it matters: I am referring to this documentation: Migration | docs.camunda.org