Missing deployed Workflow in SaaS console


I built a Zeebe Job worker which deploys a bpmn via @ZeebeDeployment-Annotation (SpringZeebe Library) to SaaS.
This seems to work, I can start the worker-App without error. But I cannot see the deployed workflow in the SaaS console. Maybe this is because the Worker-App uses API-Client-Credentials?

From a DevOps Point of View it seems to be the better approach to host my bpmn-files in the microservice an deploy them to SaaS instead of hosting them outside the service. Can anybody give some hints? What is recommended for this case?

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To be more precise: I cannot see the process in the web modeler. I see the process in operate, but because operate doesn’t provide that, I can’t interact with it there (starting a new process instance, for example)

Hi @nordicthings,

You won’t see it in the web modeler. Deployment via your microservice deploys it to Zeebe. The web modeler is a totally different thing, which also deploys to Zeebe.

You might manually import it to the web modeler to be able to manually start instances.


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Just to add to @jwulf’s comment:
Operate is the tool, where you can see all the deployed process definitions and decision definitions with all their versions. You can see them both from the main dashboard view and from the processes tab in the dropdown.


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