Missing "IN" on Filter-operators on process variables

Hi, we want to retrieve a list of process instances filtered by one or more process variable values. This works fine, the filters are connected with AND.
We would like to have something like an IN-operator so we could say something like "myUser in (‘user1’, ‘user2’) thus creating a kind of “nested” OR-clause.

  "variables": [
      "name": "myVariable",
      "operator": "eq",
      "value": "camunda"
      "name": "myUser",
      "operator": "in",
      "value": ["user1", "user2"]

Is something like this possible or does somebody have a solution to achieve this? Would it help if I create a JIRA-Ticket for a feature request?

Thanks and regards

Hello @Lessy ,

I would suggest you play around with the orQuery field mentioned here:


Hope this helps