Modeler 5.0.0 alpha functionality


Thanks for the new sub-process drop-down feature, it’s very useful! But what if I want to display collaboration diagram in this new drop-down window? As I see now, modeler rejecting any pool insert.

So how can I from one side, keep ability to use choreography and drop-down feature, but from the other side have an ability to show interaction in a less-level processes? Thanks.

Hey @Coji,

as the expanded sub process always belongs to the parent process you can’t model a pool around the expanded version. A pool would mean it is a standalone process which is technically not true for the sub process. This said it is not possible to show the collaboration with the expansion feature. On a high level you can still attach the collapsed sub process with another pool. If you need to show collaboration from the expanded sub process to another pool it can be worth creating a model using the expanded sub process directly instead of using the collapsed one with the expanded feature. Maybe you need then to create another model for the high level overview.
I hope this helps

Hey, @Nele,

thanks for the speedy answer. Well my main goal is to handle complexity of a process with drops-down, so using expanded sub-processes isn’t appropriate in this case. And creating another model for the high level overview doesn’t provide straight jump to a certain process steps ability.

I think it’s a bit strange if you can show collaboration from the expanded sub process to another pool, but you can’t do the same in the dropped-down one cause these both are just a form of visualization, isn’t it?

Hey @Coji ,

from the bpmn perspective if you open the drop down you navigate inside the collapsed sub process. So there is no way to have inside the sub process pools. So if the goal would be to also show collaboration within the drop down you would need to model the complete expanded sub process within a pool.
Surely it could have been implemented differently. I think the main goal here was to enable process automation and not collaboration diagrams. So unfortunately the tools does not fulfill your need here. On the other hand bpmn-js is customizable and extendible. So you could add this functionality.

Sorry that it is not there out of the box.