Modeler deployments lack contextPath in forms

I’m deploying process definitions from within modeler for quick turnaround. When I try starting the process in Tasklist App, it complains about not having a contextPath for the Start Form.

Any hints on that?

I’m using Camunda 7.9 + Spring Boot 2.0.

After some digging around I found that I can override the ProcessDefinitionRestService to unconditionally set the contextPath of FormDto, is this OK? Why this is not the default?

Doesn’t sound like a good idea.

Usually such kind of problems are related to how the process and respective forms are deployed.
So depending on what kind of form you have, it could be that it is just not possible simply to deploy it via the Modeler.

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Yes, I suspect, but otherwise what is the point of having formKey=‘embedded:app:forms/…html’ and not being able to render it from tasklist app?

The problem is that I’m not deploying a form, only the *.bpmn with references to application bundled forms, that are part of application and can be reloaded/deployed by other means.

Exactly that’s the point. The process engine has no idea to which application your newly deployed process belongs. You can help it by calling ManagementService#registerProcessApplication in this case. Note that this is a non-persistent configuration, so depending on whether the process engine considers to resume the new deployment on restart, you have to manually register it again then.


I see. This means, I have to either find a way to “update” an existing deployment, retaining the app registration, or just set current contextPath in ProcessDefinitionResource override (what I implemented already). This is OK for me, for I have an only app with SpringBoot.

I think “single app” deployments are the common case with Spring Boot, so this could be a configurable option