Modeler - Element Templates - Execution Listener


It’s possible to create a element template that includes information about the Execution Listener?

Thank you!

We plan to add it via camunda-modeler#319.

Anything you’d like the user to customize?

Hi, I have a related question.
I can see how to use the execution listener in the element templates, but how can I add a delegateExpression to that execution listener.

I’ve tried to do something like this, but that doesn’t work:
“type”: “Hidden”,
“binding”: {
“type”: “camunda:executionListener”,
“event”: “start”,
“delegateExpression”: “${myDelegate}”

I want this to be the result in bpmn xml:
<camunda:executionListener delegateExpression="${myDelegate}" event="start" />



this is also interesting for me and I looked at the source code of the master where only the script is handled. When it is expected to be added that also a delegateExpression can be used?

Would like to have a template that creates the following code for the executionListener on the task:

<camunda:executionListener delegateExpression="#{myDelegateExpression}" event=“start” />



@Alexander Were you able to get this?
Please @Niall, have a look at it.