Modeling dynamic process with unknown number of tasks and assignee

Hello, Camunda Community

I am working on PoC application and I’d like to know how to use Camunda capabilities in the best possible way.

One authorized user from the group of managers has the ability to start the document approval process. In advance, before starting it, the manager assigns executors to each stage of the process.

Executors can be a part of completely different groups (legal department, economic department, office, accounting etc.) The number of executors and their exact set are not known in advance. This means that I cannot draw a diagram, add tasks and assign executors as I do not have this data.

The few things I know
– process consists of fixed number of stages
– there are fixed number of roles
– representatives of each role can be a part of different organizational units
– tasks templates are assigned to each role; real tasks are generated from task templates, and real executors are assigned to them before the start of the process but after the process is deployed.

Is Сamunda suitable for modeling this process? And if so how can I use it the best way?

Hi, yes dynamically assigning the tasks e.g. based on process variables, which you determine during the process or submit at start, is possible. If there are more complex rules to determine the assignees then DMN may be useful. You may find this example inspirational:


Thanks, Robert! I’ll try!

@beskrovnykh - Did you find any solution for this? We have similar problem where the workflow process is dynamic and the users to whom the task needs to be assigned is also dynamic.

@gayathri_rao what is the challenge? Does the example i linked to not help?