Modeling the "actual start" of a User task

I use User tasks in my process models.
In some of these, I care to know when the user starts working on the task.
(note the difference of the moment of instantiation of a User task and the moment that the user starts to perform the actual work, i.e., putting a task item on someone’s task inbox, doesn’t mean that the task started as the operator might start working on it later).
How shall I model it?
One option might be to have a form field (e.g. checkbox) or a button in a task form, where the user can indicate that he will start working on the task. But what if this indication shall trigger some other action? How can I trigger a message from a form? Should I use an non-interrupting message boundary event?

Another option is to have an event subprocess to catch such action and then take action. But in that case I will miss the visual connection with the user task.

Any ideas?


I’m not sure modeling the this is the best approach.
One way to solve it would be to leverage the assignment of a task. So tasks can be un-assigned but available to be claimed by specific users and then when they want to work on something they need to activily claim it. That would give you an indication on when work has started.

That’s another option indeed Niall. But technically, how can I “catch” the moment that the user clicks the “Claim” button in Tasklist app?

Also, there are scenarios in which I want the assignee to be assigned directly when the task is created, so this assignee is considered “busy” and not available to be assigned to another task.

Hi @kontrag,

if the user claims the task, it is recorded in the Operation Log: History and Audit Event Log |

Hope this helps, Ingo