Modeller 5.3. can't open 7.14. bpmn models: An unknown execution platform (Camunda Platform 7.14.0) was detected

the modeller (5.3.0) can’t open our 7.14.0 model files.

“An unknown execution platform (Camunda Platform 7.14.0) was detected.”

If we change the version manually in the file to 7.15. it can be opened again.

Is this an “ok” thing to do, or would we need to make additional changes to move from 7.14. to 7.15 which go beyond the modeller being able to show the diagrams?


Hi @Boris-S,

it is totally OK to change the platform version in the modeler. This infomation is only used by the modeler.

For Camunda 8 it is more important then in Camunda 7 as the number of elements that are supported by the Zeebe engine increases with every release. Then the modeler can offer you only these elements that are available in your Zeebe cluster.

Hope this helps, Ingo