Modelling in zeebe

I have the following model which gets a list and executes a series of actions on two tasks

This workflow works fine.I am going to enhance this now so that on completing the loop, an update is executed. My current thinking is something like this but this implies that the update will be executed for every variable/data in the loop, which is not ideal.

What would be the best possible solution considering that i cannot put the update outside the loop like so,

as i need the loop action to be executed at least once prior to the update being executed.

Many thanks

I not sure I understand the problem here. Is not the series executed before the token moves on to the update task, when the update is placed outside the series?

Hi, There could be a chance the Get List task would return a null value meaning there will be no series to loop through. The update task could be placed outside with little impact on performance, but I was thinking there could be another modelling artifact i could use that could be fired once the token has gone through the series at least once, like a signal event maybe. I may be overthinking this :nerd_face: