Modify Optimize Data in ElasticSearch

Hi everyone,

we have a self hosted optimize linked to a self hosted elasticsearch instance. Unfortunately we created a couple hundred thousand instances of, lets call it “corrupted” data, that are screwing up elasticsearchs lookup times and cause optimize to crash.

The source of the problem has been dealt with, but now we need to remove this “corrupted” data from elasticsearch. Ideally without removing reports and dashboards data and without removing data stemming from other engines, since in our setup optimize is fed data from multiple engines but only one of them caused the corrupt data.

Is there any documentation about how exactly camunda data is being stored in elasticsearch, especially in regards to index structure? I feel like without information about how the camunda data is structured in elasticsearch it will be impossible to delete just the correct set data.

I´ll take any hints I can get.

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: