Monitoring, alerts, logging capabilities in Camunda Community edition

Are the logging, analytics and monitoring capabilities available in Camunda Community edition. Does Camunda Community edition provides the respective services/APIs which can be integrated with external Monitoring tools (e.g. Prometheus/Grafana etc) to monitor the business process instances and show the analytics, logs etc
Does Camunda Community edition uses Postgress Open source DB?

Hi @Gaurav_Mahajan, welcome to the forums! I want to confirm which version of Camunda you are asking about. Usually when we use the terms “Community Edition”, we are referring to Camunda 7; however, this was posted in the Camunda 8 category. Are you curious to learn more about Camunda 7 Community Edition, or the free edition of Camunda 8 (I assume self-hosted)?

Thanks Nathan for responding. I am referring primarily to Community edition Camunda 7.

I saw that you posted a topic in the C7 category - I’ll go ahead and close this topic!