Monitoring the Health of Camunda process

Hi ,

we wanted to monitor our Camunda process

  1. number of process running
  2. number of process waiting.for approx 1 hour or so…
  3. number of threads running that process
  4. memory utilization of the process
  5. Mbean utilization of the process

Please add any suggestions on monitoring the camunda process.

Do we have existing rest API, which can provide the statistics


Hi Sridhar,

There are a few levels of abstraction here. Think about;

OS->JVM->App Server->BPMN Engine->Process->Execution->Task etc.

Hence you may want to measure metrics at all these different levels. Hence not all metrics may come from the engine…

Also you need to be clear on your definition of terms such as running. Is a running process a process instance, or a process instance which is currently consuming compute resources…For your particular metrics;
Cockpit will display running process instances
Check out the KPI blog post (here) for how you could monitor tasks etc that are overdue.
Your other metrics may be provided at the app container level…



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I was trying to run this project, and i think i miss some configuration ,

  1. kpi.json. ( where exactly should I copy it ?) Should I need to copy into my application resources folder.
  2. Install the plugin, should need to deploy on the application.

Please suggest