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Hi there,

Still figuring out some stuff in Camunda. Since there isn’t an option to save as pdf ( I get pdf requests all the time) what do you guys recommend?
When I save as a jpeg I can’t choose size and resolution so i lose a lot of detail on large diagrams. I also tried the svg option but I can’t import those in Illustrator decently because Illu doesn’t give all the lines a color so they basically disappear.
The only way to do it is open the svg in a browser and print it to a pdf from there (which gives other problems). Any easier suggestions? Thank you!


What sort of problems does svg->browser-> gives you?
What would you suggest instead and how would should it be different from the above approach in terms of resulting document?


Hi Vladimir,

Thanks for the answer. The svg gets shown in the browser just fine, that’s not a problem at all. However I am struggling with saving the file as a pdf. I can ‘print’ it to a pdf from the browser but that gives troubles with paper sizes. I either have half the model on a pdf after export or I end up with a lot of white space.
I think It would be really nice if Camunda modeller had a pdf export function or a function that gives an option to save it as a jpeg at high resolution.
Thanks again!

I do not quite understand the PDF export request.

How should the diagram be layouted on the PDF? Original size? Or sqeezed into A4 / Letter?

automatic paper size so that it fits would be great (just like with the other file formats). But again, a high resolution jpeg would be nice too. That way I could throw it in Indesign and make a pdf from there.
Thanks again!

Following up on justaguy’s question, is there a plan to implement a PDF export function? Using an arbitrary page size?
Export to PDF is very useful when sharing the models with parties that must look at the diagram but not edit them.

Thank you for your attention.

Instead of a PDF export, how about adding “Print” support, and we can print to PDF. Mac supports this out of the box, and with a PDF print driver anyone can easily support this on windows.

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Is there any progress on the “export to PDF” or the maybe simpler “Print” request?
Is there a JIRA item to vote for?