Motivation behind default value of Job Acquisition maxWait


I was thinking of making my “maxWait” setting be much lower than the default. The default value is 1 minute, but I was thinking of making it be something like 5 seconds.

With the default settings, when the system is at rest, and no new jobs are being generated, then it seems like there would always be a 1 minute delay when starting the first process. This seems like an unfair and too long of a delay.

Is there something I’m missing here, and will I be hurting myself if I set it to 5 seconds? What was the reasoning behind choosing 1 minute?

I’m looking here:


Hi @Galen_Hollins,

this is very arbitrary I think. Could you tell us a bit more details about your use case? There is also baseWaitTime. Resulting idle time is calculated as following

protected long calculateIdleTime() { if (idleLevel <= 0) { return 0; } else if (idleLevel >= maxIdleLevel) { return maxIdleWaitTime; } else { return (long) (baseIdleWaitTime * Math.pow(idleIncreaseFactor, idleLevel - 1)); } }