MS SQL and PostgreSQL connectors don't execute queries in Self Managed Camunda

I see, then it comes to network configuration. The container can’t access your VM as the networks are different.
You can try different things:

  • To be sure the connector works: you can start a MSSQL instance using the docker-compose I posted (mssqlserver) and change the host accordingly.
  • Later, you can try to use the host network to access 10.x.x.x:
version: '3.8'
    image: myimage
    network_mode: host
    # Other configurations...

I’m not a network expert, so I can only suggest using MSSQL as a container for your tests.

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hi @jroques,
I created a mssql in docker container called mssql, even using the same network as connector/bundle

    container_name: mssql
      - SA_PASSWORD=**********
      - "1433:1433"
      - mssql-data:/var/opt/mssql
      - camunda-platform-main_camunda-platform


    external: true


Still stuck unfortunately…
maybe the URI or the way to added the credentials is not good.

If you want to use the URI Connection you can check the MSSQL Properties list.

Knowing that, the user property is named user not username.
You also need to add encrypt:false for local tests.

Could you please check Zeebe and Connectors logs using docker logs?

Hello @jroques ,

Unfortunately, new week, same results…
Using URI or detailed connection, none of them are working…

I change the URI following your recommendation and still stuck.

Here is the metadata:

I checked also zeebe logs:

and Connector logs:

If you have another idea… Having no error anywhere is really difficult to debug…

I can see you’re still using databaseName=Camunda but in your query you’re using another one: dbo. You should either use databaseName as a property, or directly in your query (I recommend using the property).

Last thing, apparently MSSQL has some infinite timeouts by default, could you set these 2:

socketTimeout: 30000
queryTimeout: 30

You can find the complete list of properties here.
Let me know if it helps,


Hi @jroques ,

Still stuck even if I pushed the database name in the property or in the query. The timeout is not even applied:

( I also try with socketTimeout: 30000)

For some reason, 8.6.0-alpha2 does not contain the JDBC connector…

I used CAMUNDA_CONNECTORS_VERSION=SNAPSHOT (in .env) and it works for me.

This should fix this issue :slight_smile:


Hi @jroques,

yes it works perfectly find, with localhost sql in the same docker engine and with SQL in VM.

Thank you very much for your help

For some reason, 8.6.0-alpha2 does not contain the JDBC connector

Seriously how can it be possible…


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