Multi instance processing


Part of the workflow of concern looks like,

The scenario is as follows,

  1. Get list of employees on leave
  2. Get manager/s of each employee on leave
  3. Send mail to each manager

So i have one employee on leave and that employee has two managers. So the expectation is that each manager gets one email. For some reason the sub process,Send mail notification to each Manager, gets executed twice as expected but each manager is getting two emails.

Is there something I am missing ?

Thank you

This could happen if a job is retried…

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I thought so too but there was no explainable cause i could find by looking at operate. So I deleted & recreated the model again with the same input/output parameters and it is working as expected now. Not entirely sure what the issue was. The question can be closed. Thank you.

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This rings a bell. We saw the same effect in the past.

It can happen that there is a second sequence flow from “Prepare Email” to the multi-instance subprocess. The second sequence flow is hidden under the first one. In the modeler, this is not obvious.

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