Multi Instance Subprocess isSequential based on variable

Hello everyone !

I have a small question I can’t seem to find the answer to.

In my BPMN I am using a multi instance subprocess. It’s working great. As part of my requirement, sometimes I will want it to be parallel and other times sequential, based on a variable. This brings me to my problem, I cannot find a way to set the isSequential attribute based on a variable. It seems it must be set when the BPMN is deployed, and cannot be changed based on when an instance is started. Is this correct?

My workaround would to have two separate BPMN’s deployed whose only difference is isSequential being true or false. I don’t love this solution, but it would work if what I am trying to do is not possible.

Thanks !

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I doubt it’s possible. I wouldn’t make it possible if I were the dev. I’d do this in a way that you extract whatever you do to a subprocess, introduce a gateway where you decide if its parallel or sequential and then call multi instance subprocess accordingly. so the only duplication would be the call activity task.