Multi-tenanct deployment

I want to deploy two process definitions for different tenants with same definition key. Is that possible to do so ?

Have configured the tenant wise setup in process.xml
processes.xml (874 Bytes)

@Anirudh yes it’s can deploy same bpmn with same process definition key for different tenant

But its throwing this error when i am running the application.
The deployment contains definitions with the same key ‘UserRequestFlow’ (id attribute), this is not allowed.

Is there some other configuration to be done somewhere to achieve this ?

@Anirudh how did you setup the application?

I am using spring boot setup.

Did you configured same database with tenant identifier by sharing same database/schema for both tenants?

yeah. using the default h2 schema as of now

this solved the duplicate key issue

But no resource is being deployed
But getting this ‘ENGINE-08021 Not creating a deployment for process archive ‘main’: no resources provided.’

@Anirudh, make sure that the processes.xml file should present in src/main/resources/META-INF folder.

Look at this: spring-boot-integration-process-applications.

Is your process application name is same as tenant name?

You configured your process application like this:

<process-archive name="tenant1" tenantId="tenant1">
<process-archive name="tenant2" tenantId="tenant2">

In spring boot you can’t configure multiple process applications. Deploying multiple process applications are possible in container managed camunda distros.

So you need to use same process application for both tenant. Refer this: deployment-descriptors-tags-process-archive.

You need to provide processArchiveName like below:

public class MyApplication {