Multi-tenancy: Two engines, one database

Hi all,
I’m working with Camunda 7.16; I have one database and two engines (java springboot apps), they are configured via
processes.xml like this (having tenantId: tenant-1 and tenant-2 respectively):

  <process-archive tenantId="tenant-1">
      <property name="isDeleteUponUndeploy">false</property>

I created this model for tenant-1:

Test steps:

  1. I start my tenant-1 engine
  2. I deploy “Process_Tenant1” and start a process instance. Cockpit shows the blue token at the timer event - execution is put on hold for 5 minutes, perfect.
  3. I stop my engine for tenant-1
  4. I start my engine for tenant-2.
  5. After about 5 minutes the timer goes off, this tenant-2 engine will pick up my instance which was started for tenant-1 and starts to execute My Task 1.
  6. Engine2 does not have the Java delegate implementation for My Task1. It fails.

I may misunderstand multi-tenancy - I thought that engine-2 will NOT execute a process which was started for tenant-1.

Business background: We want to implement two processes, each having their own service tasks in separate java engines. This way we can maintain each engine without impacting the other. The only common in the setup is they both would use the same database.
We’d like to force each engine to only work on processes which belong to their tenancy setting.

Is this possible?