Multiple Loops

New quest, and new problem.
We have n number of boxes, each need to check and take only those in which that is and they are not empty. While all boxes are checked simultaneously and by an individual. There are two suggested options and both of them seem not really correct. Please help to build the right scheme

I don’t think either of these models would actually perform how you think they would.
I would suggest you use a Multi Instance Marker on an embedded sub process.

Thats a much better way of looping when you know how many times you want to loop.


Thx! That? How can I show that only one box is needed?

You need something that looks more like this:

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thx! What will it look like if one box is added? Right? And how to allocate tasks for different roles?

Not really - the multi-instance needs to know many times you want to run it before you start it. You can’t add new instances randomly once it starts.

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If use a trigger to stop adding boxes?

I think you’re misunderstanding how the symbols your using actually work. I think you might benefit from reading some tutorials on the symbol set.

In the mean time i’ve added another possible design for the process you’re trying to implement.

This would let you add more boxes dynamically.

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This is a very strange decision :slight_smile:

Thanks for the links. I had two more options

Hey @V_Star,

It is hard to get what your process is doing… Is it possible to get a little more information/ background about it?

I do understand the models that @Niall has sent to you, but somehow they don’t fit your expectations? So it would be good to get a more detailed description so we can give you further help.


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Hi. I can try.
The first player adds boxes
The second player checks the boxes and looks for the whole box
When the second player finds the full box, the first player stops adding boxes

Something like this? Sorry for all the questions but the process isn’t so clear for me. I don’t understand the background of the boxes etc. that makes it harder to understand what the process is acheving.


i want creat endless process add box and check box. Simple examples:
User1 open task1 in system , end task, and open new task , end task, and open new task…
User2 open task2 in system <Сheck box>, if it is empty, click and end task. Again open task2 , if it is empty, click and end task… and when he finds the full box, he lick and User1 not take new task. :smiley:

Hi @V_Star,

I am really sorry I don’t get what you try to achieve with the model. What is the difference between open box and check box?

Anyhow the model you provide is syntactically wrong. I have the feeling that we are not “speaking” the same language when it comes to BPMN. I think you have a different idea of what the symboles express and thats why it is so hard to get what you try to achiev semantically.

I think the best way would be if you could give a detailed description of the process inculding the scope of it and be clear about the task. Is a task similar to add a box and what is the reason behind adding boxes the whole time. I really don’t get the process and need more background to help you. If you can give a detailed description we can put it into BPMN. But the models you send at the moment are hard to read and not understandable in terms of BPMN.