Multiple process Applications connecting to single Camunda database

Hi All,

I need some expert opinion on an architectural pattern i’m pursuing for building the workflow solution in our program. We are building workflow across multiple business areas. Each workflow pertaining to the respective business area is built within a spring boot framework and deployed within its own container. (depicted in the picture below)
With the above pattern in mind, i have a few queries around it:

  1. Since each workflow is in its own container but connected to the same Camunda database, is there a possibility that duplicate process instance Id’s, task Id’s are generated?
  2. If the above point is true, how do i ensure that there are no duplicate process instance id’s and task id’s are not generated?
  3. How often does the cycle of process instance ID’s and task ID’s repeat? Can we configure this?

@Kiran_Balakrishna there’s no duplication of ids. Process instance id, task id, and execution I’d, etc are always unique across the process engine. So there won’t be any duplication. Camunda uses Strong UUID generator for key generation (implementation based on the current time and the ethernet address of the machine it is running on).

The architecture you’re referring is the recommended architecture of camunda spring boot deployment model.

Refer this post:


Hi @aravindhrs, thanks for the quick response. :slight_smile:
This is immensely useful!