Multiple process versions in spring boot application


If I need to create a new version of my process I can re-use the same war file and create a new version of related classes. Or I can build a new war file and deploy both of them, see!msg/camunda-bpm-dev/2YcLt7K1Hrk/nPI3cfcDKEQJ

How can I manage multiple process versions if I use a spring boot version of Camunda?

Is there a solution similar to having two war files in Tomcat ?

Thank you,


Hi Oleg,

can you please describe your use case more detailed.

Do you want to use multiple versions parallel or do you want to update the process (e.g. bugfix, minor feature addition)?

In case you want to use multiple versions parallel and have a shared process engine then you should change the process definition key (e.g. add version information) of the new version and start the new process application. Now both applications (old & new) run on their version parallel.


Hi Philipp, thank you for the answer. Yes, the solution you proposed was exactly what I was thinking about. Cheers, Oleg