Mutating already finished processes

Hello everyone!

We have the following story:

  • Few camunda process definitions deployed and running
  • Some processes are already finished / completed. Some other are running.
  • There was a change in one of the APIs that we are feeding from our process.
  • The change must be compensated. The new API method must be called.
  • The rest of the process is not affected.

Now, to run the batch operation for all those processes would be the best and most simple solution.
However, we will need a separated subprocess that would introduce a new version of the BPMN.
Historic variables cannot be migrated. So, we must first reactivate those into an intermediate state before end state, migrate them to the new process definition version, terminate them manually and restart them all at the start of the new subprocess. Maybe it’s doable but it needs lot of manual work and is very error prone and risky… We are talking about 1000+ finished processes to mutate here.

Does anyone have any idea or experience with such a situation?
Thanks anyway in advance