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I’ve searched about viewing the tasks created by me in the tasklist, but didn’t found nothing clear. What I need is to show to the creator of the task in what phase it is and the current form status. For that I think the best way is to show a filter in the tasklist called “My Requests” that filters tasks I’ve created. But there is no field to filter tasks by process variables in tasklist filter and no option in the users options to reach the creator.

Is there a way to filter that tasks directly in tasklist? Will I need to make a plugin to do that?

Thank you

Hi @Daniel_Masarin, unfortunately that is not possible with the actual create functionality in Tasklist. However, as you said you can easily create a plugin to achieve such a thing. Here’s the Rest API endpoint for creating a task. You can perhaps add more info when creating a task Ilike task so that you can later use a filter to display them.

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Hi @siffogh, Before I start to build a plugin I tried to do it using filters. I have a property in my process that carries the creator user, so that I could rescue that tasks filtering by user’s name. Then I tried to create a generic filter to share with all users, below is the filter query:

"query": {
        "taskVariables": [],
        "processVariables": [
                "operator": "eq",
                "value": "${currentUser()}",
                "name": "creator"
        "caseInstanceVariables": [],
        "orQueries": []

But the filter’s expression don’t work. Are there a way to do this using generic filter (using a expression) or have I create a filter for each user?