Need save,/recieve process group

I have some group of my bpmn process. I need throw API recieve information about active process definition(need process name and process group).
Process group must be save in bpmn file.I think the best way to save it use property

        <camunda:property name="GROUP" value="ONE" />

But i cant recieve properties thow basic API( Can you advise me something (may be there is another way to save group )
PS:I need this info before my process start. User want to see list process ready for start.

Hi @marina31,

See How to access Task properties / Where are they stored?


Thorben, thanks for link.
I think for my task it is not good way to get this rest api for all my process (GET /process-definition/{id}/xml ). It meens than i need have N+1 calls in my form.May be it is better to use description for save process type…