Need to start process instance with specific user

Hi Team,

Need a way to initiate the process with specific user so logged in user will map to process instance

looking for particular RestAPI or query parameter, or method to start process instance with specific user id or name which will map the user id by putting user id in start-user_id column in act_hi_procinst table

Hi @Radhika,

after enabling the Authorization in the REST Api (, the user id will be saved in the database columns.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Yes thanks for the quick response. This is useful but here I have to implement authentication services

Actually in one scenario we are replacing existing state system with camunda but we are using existing legacy user and authentication so in such static scenario or scenario without identity service if I want to start the process instance with specific user id i am not able to find the way.

Have you solved this problem? I have an idea. Maybe we can use org.camunda.bpm.engine.IdentityService#setAuthenticatedUserId , which will pass a userId to this thread, then start process in this thread can store userId to act_hi_procinst table.