Never finish a process to have some kind of history

Hi at all,
I am not able to purchase the camunda enterprise version. However I need the camunda history, because I often have to look in finished processes.
One solution would be to call the rest api and get the history. But then I would have to create my own ui and its a lot of afford.
Today I had the idea, to never finish a process to always have access to the infos of the process in the cockpit. I would create a filter, where I store all processes that are in the last step of the process that never can be finished.
Could this work? What are contras of this idea?
Are there other workarounds to get access to the history?

Thanks for your ideas :slight_smile:

I’m not sure thats such a good idea - the runtime database will fill up and slow down the engine.
A better option would be to just get the data out of the engine periodical and put it into elastic search where you can use kibana to visualize it.

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Thank you. That sounds like a pretty good idea. I will try that :slight_smile:

I have one more question on this:
Now I have my data in elastic search visualized with Kiabana. However I have some files in my process that are uploaded (pdfs, jpgs, zips, … ). Is it possible to upload those files to Elastic search and download them in Kibana?
Thanks for your help :slight_smile: