New Camunda Modeler integration with Eclipse

Hi all, I just recently started to use Camunda version 7.4.0. To me as a developer, the Modeler lacks integrations with Eclipse, like for example having to manually enter the full path of Java classes in Service Task properties.

I discovered the Modeler Eclipse plugin and tried it, worked fine so far but its deprecated.

Albeit I understand that having a business analyst using Eclipse to model a process is not very “user friendly”, hence the move to a standalone Modeler, I wonder if there is any plan about improving the new Modeler integration with Eclipse, may be having an optional Modeler Eclipse Integration feature for developer?

Thank you for this feedback. Is the auto completion for java class names the only feature you are missing?

I’m just starting to use all this stuff, but of note, there is also the ability to double-click the .bpmn artefact in Eclipse and directly end up into the Modeler, no need to start another app.

I noticed, though without trying them as of yet, that the palettes of the plugin seems to be more complete, things like Data Association for instance.

I’ll use both and note other feature along the way, then I’ll post the results here.

Ok, here’s a “missing” functionality. When defining an End Signal Event, I fail to see where I can flag this throw to be asynchronous whereas this capability is available in the deprecated Eclipse plugin modeler. (I am using the Camunda modeler 0.6.0).