New category: camunda-bpm-spring-boot

There recently were a lot of posts regarding the extension. I am happy about that, because it means we are getting used and people are interested. Discussing with users is a great way to learn and improve … but: So far I often miss the posts and askar forwards them to me directly via mail. I guess to focus the discussion and to allow me (and others) to watch the topics, it would be a good idea to have an extra category.
Can we have sub-categories? Then I would prefer having this under “community extensions” - that way it would scale if more extensions want their own category without polluting the root …

What do you think?


Good idea, here you go: About the Spring Boot Starter category


Wow, that was fast … I can see your "about " post, but if I click on the category, I get

Page Not Found
while trying to load /c/spring-boot-starter/l/latest.json
Oops, the application tried to load a URL that doesn’t exist.

Just a timing issue?

This is the link that opens successfully when I click the category name above that post:

I also tried to make you moderator of that section, but I’m afraid that is not possible with discourse as of now (

Just forget it, still had an old view open.
After refreshing, I can access the category link. Perfect.