Newbie question


I am new to zeebe. I have the following questions

  1. What is the API for a client to list all the workflow instances (in-progress, completed and failed etc)?
  2. What is the API to delete old workflow instances (completed, canceled, failed etc.)?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @qzhengyy,

Welcome to the Zeebe community :confetti_ball:

Regarding your questions:

There is no query API in Zeebe itself. You need an exporter to get the data, for example, using the Elasticsearch exporter.

Workflow instances can be cancelled by the Cancel command:

Does this help you?

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Note that the cancel command can only target running workflows. The others are gone, unless you have exported data to inspect.

Other than reading the code, do you have some tutorial to explain how to consume the exported data and correlate them with the corresponding workflow instance/tasks?

I was hoping you have some high level APIs for this type of operations.


Start the broker with the debug exporter enabled and you will see the data that is exported. You can probably figure out how you would do what you want to do from that.

See these:

Or just use Operate.

Or use the ElasticSearch Exporter and query the ES server. I don’t know how to do that, but it is an easy Google search and a well-defined problem / solution space.