No decision definition deployed with key ... Camunda 7 DMN and BPMN link

I wrote a little BPMN process that uses a DMN table linked with a Business Task Rule. I am getting this error when starting the process:
Cannot instantiate process definition InvoiceGenerationProcess:6:5ea42c8a-9b2b-11ed-b52e-faa2d6685da7: no decision definition deployed with key ‘discDet’ and tenant-id ‘null’: decisionDefinition is null
I attached the process BPMN and the decision table DMN.
DMN and BPMN link.bpmn (3.7 KB)
discDet.dmn (2.5 KB)

UPDATE - SOLVED. When writing the dmn file, the field called ID must have the same name as the “Decision reference” field at the Business Rule Task in the BPMN file.

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