No Optimistic Locking Exception at Parallel Gateway

Hi there,

I have an unexpected behaviour trying to run tasks in parallel.

Here you can see my process with configurations. My goal is to run “Do Work 1” and “Do Work 2” in parallel which works fine. However i don’t know why. Before i set asynchronous continuation after the two parallel tasks one on of the sequence flows got a optimistic locking exception at the parallel gateway. The task was repeated and the process finished. After adding asynchronous continuation after the two parallel tasks the process just finishs. I would still expect an optimistic locking exception. The sequenceflow should jump back to asynchronous continuation after and repeat the last sequence flow.

Can someone explain this behaviour to me? Tanks in advance!

Jürgen Krauß


Are both activities set to non-exclusive?
How do you verify that no optimistic locking exception occurred?


Hi Thorben,
yes. They are both non-exclusive.

I verify it because it does not appear in the console… If i remove the asynchronous continuation after, the optimistic locking exception occurs.


Hi @Juergen_Krauss,

To get more insights, you could have a look at the table ACT_HI_JOB_LOG and post its entries for one instance of this process.


Mh… Where can i find this table?