"No process definition or execution matches the parameters" when Camunda REST API try to hit sub sequent Gateway message endpoint

I want to know is there any option in camunda to hold the incoming request which received from Camunda REST API.
Senario 1: the first gateway(message endpoint) process is in progress to complete, before that will be receiving next gayway process request. Because of this getting “No process definition or execution matches the parameters”. when hit the REST API for the next message endpoint(Next gateway).

Please let me know how to handle this scenario in Camunda.

Hi Team,

Is there any update on my above query ?.
I am looking to know, is there any possible to hold request flow in Event Gateway, till i receive other request for the previous event Gateway request with same business id process instance. Please find the below diagram for more clarity. Some times Event 2 request will be receiving first before Event 1 request completes its task.
Requesting your help over here, please let me know if any more details needed.