Not able to modify processInstance

We recently upgraded camunda to version 7.7.5. We are facing a behaviour that doesn’t let us make modifications to process instances.
In the runtime view of process instances, with modify tab active, we are unable to drag the blue badge (the mark for active tasks / running activity instances) to another task. When the blue badge is clicked and holded, it is not selected for dragging, but the entire model is dragged for panning.

Moreover, when we try to define de modification step by step, we are able to add the startBefore/startAfter modification steps but not de cancel steps for running activity instances. This makes

We experienced this in firefox, opera and chrome.

Has anybody experienced such behaviour? Is there a workaround to modify the process instance? Is there a patch where this is corrected?

I think you need to specifically select the Modify tab before the options become available

Does that work?

Thanks for your reply!

With the tab selected we cannot get it to work either (no wrench to click in the image below…)

Where the exact definition for the task is:

<bpmn:userTask camunda:assignee="${user}" camunda:candidateGroups="" camunda:candidateUsers="${user}" completionQuantity="1" id="Task_1plb1x7" implementation="##unspecified" isForCompensation="false" name="Doc a registrar&#10;" startQuantity="1">
<actio:formElements>[... some irrelevant stuff here ...]</actio:formElements>
<actio:participantElements>[... some more irrelevant stuff ...]]</actio:participantElements>
<camunda:taskListener event="create">
  <camunda:script scriptFormat="groovy">
   [... irrelevant code here ...]
  [... incoming /outgoing data here ...]

Hi @mabertran,

As you are asking about enterprise edition features, I recommend you raise an issue with Camunda support.


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Ok, thanks for the advice

Is the Modify process instance available only for Enterprise Edition?

Sorry, I don’t know…!
The issue reported in this topic was solved some time ago, at least for the Enterprise Edition.

Hi, to answer my own question, a lot of the good stuff actually are available only to Enterprise edition.

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