Not getting a process instance after deployment of war. file

I am trying to test the java snipped in the camunda tasklist with start process. I have saved my war file into standalone/deployments. I am not receiving a created instance in camunda cockpit. I have followed all the steps in Nialls tutorial.

Java snippet:

public class CheckWeatherDelegate implements JavaDelegate {

	public void execute(DelegateExecution execution) throws Exception {
		// TODO Auto-generated method stub
		Random rando = new Random();
		execution.setVariable("name", "Thomas");
		execution.setVariable("weatherOk", rando.nextBoolean());



In the model, I have set the service tasks implementation to java class with its qualified name. Please help

Can you upload your model as well, also can you format your code a little better check out the FAQ for details.

process.bpmn (5.3 KB)

Hey Niall and thanks for the fast reply. I am going to format the code accordingly, but its actually the same code in your tutarial for java devs.

Super, thanks.
That model looks fine to me, do any errors show up in the logs when your deploy it?
Are you deploying it to tomcat?

I have deployed it over tomcat version apache-tomcat-9.0.36 and also over wildfly verison wildfly-14.0.1.Final. In the tomcat version, I’ve tried to deploy the war file in tomcat’s webapps folder and in wildfly I have saved the war file in the folder, explained in your tutorial.

I have a few questions:

Do you see the process deployed to cockpit?
Are you able to start the process without any errors?
What exactly are you expecting to see and what are you missing?

Thats the problem. I am seeing the process as deployed in the cockpit. From the tasklist, I can choose the deployed process and start a new process to then go back into cockpit and see if the process history has created some incidents.


Awww Ok - so the good news is that this is expected behavior.
The Process instance has finished and there are no active tokens so you don’t see any in cockpit.
If you like you can add a user task which would hold the process until it’s completed.

But with the community version, what your seeing is accurate.

Thank you Niall for the clarification! I have another model that I would like to test with this defined structure. Can I also add this to this open topic? I have some problems with the syntax of EL syntax and finding the right solutions in the given docs plus some code I’d like to test.

Maybe create a new topic to keep this one clean for other people who might have the same problem.