Number of taskListeners for the same event


Can I declare more than one camunda:taskListener for the same event in a humanTask?
Something like this:

<cmmn:humanTask id="id1" name="Do something" camunda:assignee="${user}"> <cmmn:extensionElements> <camunda:taskListener event="create"> <camunda:script scriptFormat="groovy">task.setVariableLocal('percent',0)</camunda:script> </camunda:taskListener> <camunda:taskListener event="create" class="a.b.c.MyTaskListener" /> </cmmn:extensionElements> </cmmn:humanTask>

Thank you :slight_smile:

Are you asking if this is possible via the modeler or if this is supported by the engine?
Anyway, the answer to both questions is “yes” I think :slight_smile:

In the engine, that should work but the execution order is arbitrary.

In the modeler, you can use the plus button multiple times

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