OAuth 2.0 Authentification

I am using Oauth authentication, however apart from the Client ID and the Client Secret I also need to pass as input the User Username and the User Password. How can I do that? Or is it not possible for now?

@hassang Sorry for the bother, could you please provide some help, it is an urgent matter.

Your system shouldn’t know the user’s password… That’s the point of the OAuth framework.
If this is for something like a service account, then the service account worker should be making the call to the OAuth server to get its token, then presenting the token to the Camunda server.

Please note that this is a user-forum, not Camunda Support. If you have an urgent request, it might be better to contact Camunda Support

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I was able to create a groovy task to obtain the token (I did not explain that well).
About the urgency, I am sorry about asking for it here, I was not aware of the Camunda support.
Thanks for the answer, @GotnOGuts !