Only process initiator can be assigned to a task

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We’re modelling a small process attached to this topic. We’ve made 2 user groups, one for the top tasks and one for the bottom tasks.

The process is initiated by an “apprentice” (1st task, top lane), on first task, the apprentice fill a form, then the “responsable” can ask for more information (1st task, bottom lane) and we go to the top lane again (2nd task) where the “apprentice” must justify.
How can we be sure that in this task “Justification”, only the “apprentice” initiator can get the task and nobody else ?
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Hi @joachim.stalder,

unfortunately, this is not yet supported out of the box, it requires users tasks listeners that we are planning to provide in the coming releases [Root epic] User Task Listeners · Issue #308 · camunda/issues · GitHub

If you are using a custom Tasklist, you can use the exporters to listen to the user tasks events and assign the user task to right user according to the context that you store in your side

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Hi @houssain-barouni ,
Thanks for your answer, I understand. I’ll have a look at your answer about the Tasklist